In the fall of 1931 Carl James Dockery with his wife Alma Dwin Dockery came to Shelby, North Carolina from Morristown, Tennessee and established the Dockery's Funeral Home. The Dockery's Mutual Burial Association was organized soon after. 

We are continuing the same spirit of helpfulness that has characterized the association through the years.

Faced with the sorrowful problems of a loved one's passing, many persons find themselves bewildered and helplesss. It is of comfort to know that we will assume the entire responsibility of details and preparation, regardless of where the loss of a loved one occurs.

In your greatest sorrow you can turn to us for whole-hearted service, feeling assured of being met with understanding and sympathy arising from long experience in serving others well.

We wish to express to the people of Shelby and the surrounding area our deepest appreciation for the loyal support we have received during our eighty years of service to the community.

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"In Times of sorrow, you can alsways depend on us"